Why Kumar’s Om Vibrations Manifest Our Desires?


In ancient times, there were sound healers. Their voice was so serene.

That every time they vibrated sounds - it rained in abundance.

Nature herself showed her appreciation!

Kumar’s Om Vibrations

The sound frequencies of their voice filled the people’s hearts and lives with instant abundance and bliss.

No one knew what was going on.

Their voices appeared like normal sounds from outside.

But everyone blissfully celebrated the abundance they received through their voices.

There was something profound and magical going on.

Their voices reached deep and touched our very core.

This ancient art was long lost and forgotten!

Kumar is one such voice healer.

As a regular person like you and me, Kumar respects all lifestyles.

Nor does he want to impose any opinions or beliefs on anyone.

He just wants to help manifest a stress-free smile full of abundance on the face of every person on this planet through his Om recordings.

Kumar is a very kind, affectionate, and equal friend of everyone; who does not judge or try to interfere with anyone’s beliefs, lifestyles, philosophies, or opinions, thereby humbly respecting all.

He lives a simple life even even though he has the resources to live very luxuriously.

He likes to use all the resources at his disposal to help the Antistress Society share the tranquilizing sounds of Om in his healing voice.

Kumar has been meditating on and vibrating ancient sound affirmations like Om for 40 long years.

He has thus acquired intense mindfulness and awareness through this practice of the universal sound frequencies.

His constant vibrations of the powerful sound of the Sanskrit affirmation of Om have opened up for himself and everyone who listens to them the incredible power of the ancient sound healers.

The Om sound frequencies in his voice will lighten your heart with joy that comes from within and without.

They will herald unimaginable prosperity, healing, love, and peace in your life.

We know you may not believe this. You might be feeling skeptical.

So try listening to them and see for yourself!

If possible, please listen to these Om recordings on high-quality speakers or open-back earphones or headphones to experience their maximum benefits and results in your life.

Warning: If you listen to the Om sounds in his voice long enough, it could start raining abundance in your life!